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Creating Decomposition

Fibres was a relatively simple work that produced outcomes that I was satisfied with, and in that regard it evolved from an experiment in colour to a completed work. But after some consultation I was provided with some perspective that gave me ideas on further ways I could manipulate the framework that I had used in Fibres. These perspectives helped me to create a new work built upon some of the processes used in Fibres.

Daniel Mafe commented that he was interested in that the images were being broken and ripped apart. I also felt this was an interesting aspect, but considered there was not enough focus on this idea within the existing work. In Decomposition I focussed more heavily on this, and it is apparent when a section of the image is exposed and its pixels slowly begin to lose their cohesions and morph in a liquid like manner.

Another comment was made by Andrew Brown, who suggested mapping colours according to coordinates on stage in comparison to an underlying image. In Fibres the outcome was produced by using colours from a number of different images, but through constraining the colour range in this work a more harmonious colour pallet is produced.

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